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Renegade build for returner?

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I haven't played gw2 in a long while but am now returning and wondering which build is the best to go for in terms of solo play. I have researched and found so many that I am left confuzzled.

I mainly want to do the living world and open world farm relatively relaxed and then perhaps some fractals.

If you could point me towards the best build for my needs I'd be really thankful.

Have a wonderful day today!

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For soloplay in story and open world everything will work, really. But since you are up to do fractals then power alacren is your best possible option, since you'll permanently have a spot on T4.




With this build you can do both T4 and most raid wings. Although is a supportive role, the berserker stats combined with Kalla and Shiro or Jalis will provide enough damage and survival to deal with most of the solo content, excluding some HoT hero points.

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