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Broken skill

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Death's Charge does not "destroy" projectiles as intended. the amount of ranger longbow, engi grenade, and revenant one shot BS mechanics i've had to deal with these past few years has proven the shroud leap projectile block is not working as intended. If memory serves it never worked as listed.

2 https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/8/80/Death%27s_Charge.png/33px-Death%27s_Charge.png Death's Charge 1¼ 6 Shroud. Slide forward, destroying projectiles in your path. Blind foes at your destination. This skill inherits traits from Dark Path.


low priority? no surprise there, necro has been bottom of the kitten barrel for quite some time.

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There exists a mechanic called unblockable. Besides that it does just destroy projectiles hitting you in a 90 degree cone from the front.


I did not notice any bugs with the projectile destruction yet. If a longbow ranger I was charging into was hitting me, then he usually set up an unblockable.

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