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Demolitionist Folke won't move on 'Maws of Torment' meta, and thus it can't be completed.

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Just now on EU I attempted Maws of Torment with a couple of people. But on 'Help destroy the East Realm Portal', 'Demolitionist Folke' simply was not moving. 
Perhaps he had gotten into downstate before that, I don't know. But when we switched instance the same exact problem was there, he wasn't moving. 
When he WAS 'down' we couldn't actually res him but he just ressed by himself. 

And thus we were not able to complete the meta event 'Maw of the Damned' at all. 

I think because very few people play this event nobody has reported it yet. 

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  • Dib.4612 changed the title to Demolitionist Folke won't move on 'Maws of Torment' meta, and thus it can't be completed.

Plenty of people have reported it and nothing have been done then players playing the event dwindled because of it.







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3 hours ago, Kraggy.4169 said:

I guess fixing bugs isn't a revenue stream so .. often it doesn't happen.

The annoying thing here is that this is just getting an NPC from point A to point B. You would think after so many years of development that should be a trivial thing by now ....

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This issue is still happening, and has been for quite a while:


https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/search/?&q=maw of torment&type=forums_topic&nodes=9&search_and_or=or&sortby=relevancy





I have only seen this event completed a few times in over 4 years. 

Today, with the daily event completer leading players there, I saw it bugged in two instances.

I've only seen one workaroud mentioned in one post: using the skyscale breath to hit the rift until the rift defender sppears.

It didn't work in these instances. 


At this point all I can do is tell players to keep reporting it with /bug. 


This bug and the siege devourer bugs in Iron Marches keep happening over and over. It wouldn't be that much of an issue not being able to complete one or two events, if they were not preventing the completion of collections and achievements. 

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I've advanced Realm-Portal Spiker from 10 to 50 this week, so I've had a lot of runs :). The East demolitionist never moves, but the Skyscale workaround mentioned in the wiki works fine (just repeatedly Blast the untargetable portal) and actually saves time so that you can actually complete the whole meta with only 3 or 4 coordinated players. The North demolitionist got stuck in nooks or crannies a couple times, but the rest of the event seems to be okay.


I just wish the Maws meta was in Living World because then it would be everyone's focus for a week and maybe get enough attention for a bug-fix :).

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@Rubi Bayer.8493  Just reporting that Folke is still bugged.

The meta can still be completed, though, by attacking the last portal to the east with your Skyscale's breath attack, which will then spawn the final enemy that must be defeated for the meta to conclude.

Sometimes, one of the other two Demolitionists can get stuck as well, but that is a rare case (I farmed the "Shadow of a Shadow" achievement this week, and during all my runs this happened only once, while Folke got stuck 100% of the time).


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