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Essence special actions triggering in Icebrood Saga, when attacking boss

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Drakkar (Bjora Marches) and the Claw of Jormag (Drizzlewood Coast) are both immune to the special actions from the three essences, such as https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Spirit_Nova_(Tier_4)


Can they stop activating when I'm attacking either of these bosses? My impression has been that the essense skills are overriding the EMP option. This results in me tabbing through the enemies trying to find the one on which I can use the skill. And being unsuccessful because something else has happened, e.g. it moved out of range.


If this is going to remain, please let me discharge the skill so I can get the EMP back. I don't care that it will do no damage, I just want to remove the override. Or let me have some type of option to remove the essence buffs.


Is this working as intended?

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15 hours ago, HotDelirium.7984 said:

Its mind boggling this many years into the game and we STILL only have one special action button for everything. They stack on eachother and you can only get rid of them if you use them or the criteria goes away. We need 2 or 3.

Yes, in a situation in the Claw when you need to break the bar, but I can't access the EMP because I have the essence over-riding the EMP.


The current target should prioritise which special action is active.

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