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Can we get a preview of Prismatic Champion's Regalia?

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2 minutes ago, Ashantara.8731 said:

Well, I guess it no longer matters, since you will be able to deactivate all effects with the upcoming update next week. :classic_smile:


Of course, the curiosity of which effect this amulet will have (if any) still stands. :classic_biggrin:

Only if it have a toggle and half the trinkets atm dont have it.

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As someone who has the pvp amulet I don’t care about the end result. I mean if they make it with effects more than likely it will have a toggle. I love getting 9 extra mystic coins a week, and the other tiered rewards are definately worth it. You get so much more rewards than just the amulet. In the end if it isn’t an effect, it will just be redundant in my legendary armory. I bet it will have effects to give people more legendary effect options.

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7 minutes ago, ugrakarma.9416 said:

i hope theres a visual effect on it. something new.


the legendary by itself is useless to me, my Aurora is on bank because i get bored with purple ball.


i hope there redish stuff.


Well, I won't mind an effect as long as it can be toggled off if required. :classic_smile:

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11 hours ago, Zaxares.5419 said:

I have a suspicion that it will not have an effect at all, to provide a "benefit" for players who still wish to go for Transcendence. But, I could be wrong, especially if ANet changes things so we can toggle effects/auras at will.

I don‘t really see the reason why it shouldn‘t have an effect. The new amulet does technically cost 1600+ gold currently, as anyone without the LW will have to buy the episodes for 200gems/each.


That said, i hope it has a toggle to remove the effect if it has one.


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Okay, so now we saw the effect at the end of last night's live stream. Quite lovely! 😃

The question of whether we will be able to toggle it still remains unanswered, but I think it's safe to assume that the option to toggle the effect will be there, since they went through lengths to add it for all past legendary trinkets. 🙂

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