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  • This is dissapointing. 
  • Now we have to wait for a fix and do it again.

  • It is so simple: I killed the bugger twice, I should get credit.

On my map, where it was superhard to get it done due to the sheer lag this event gives, about 80% of people said they did not get credit.


Not a good start.

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I got it on my third try. First attempt I arrived at the end and only fought the UG, no achieve. Second attempt I started at the beginning, no achieve. Third attempt started at the begining, skipped the last jade and made sure I got the first hit on the UG, got the achieve. The third attempt was also the only attempt with all other achieves completed. Anyway, that was my experience with it. Hopefully this helps someone else get it...

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People that didn't get it, are you running full DPS builds? Or more importantly did you get into the green circles and use the special action?

The Counter Magic special action skill grants you 200% damage boost.

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