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About those with more legendary items than can be held

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36 minutes ago, Glass Too.4709 said:


It depends on what happens when I make more duplicates if it is a waste of resources. Suppose I want more Envoy armor but don't have the requisite items, but have plenty of the stuff needed to make more copies of WVW gear. 


If I knew I would get more Legendary trunks it could well be worth it.


Another question is what happens if you have every legendary of a type already? The trunks don't do you much good unless new legendaries are added when there is a new expansion.


Inquiring minds want to know.



You will get a Legendary item that can only sit in your inventory, not go into the Armory.


The people that have every type just get to keep the extras in inventory. Small chance the trunks get updated for EOD.

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On 7/16/2021 at 12:26 AM, Glass Too.4709 said:

I wonder what would happen if I crafted a duplicate legendary armor item. Would I end up with another legendary trunk?

Based on the announcement and the fact that people have been getting their replacement legendaries gradually rather than all in one go it sounds like this is something Anet is doing manually rather than an automated process.


That means if you make a duplicate after the armoury launch you'd probably have to contact Customer Support to tell them because they'll be done with checking for them and they might well say you did it knowing about the armoury and that it would be useless and they can't help you.


Or it might be like when people buy something from the gem store they can't use and ask for a refund, where they say they'll do it once per account but no more than that, so you could get 1 piece of envoy armour and if you try it again they'll say you've already been through this, already knew what would happen and they can't help you a second time.

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