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"The Last Chance" mission, from S3E6

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At the beginning you're supposed to jump down to abaddon's reliquary. NPCs do their dialogue, and this is where the problem starts. They skip some dialogue lines and the game doesn't trigger next objective - investigate the ruins. 



On entering Abaddon's reliquary:

Exemplar Kerida: Hello? How do I initiate contact? Commander? Can you hear me?
<Character name>: I hear you. I'm at Abaddon's Reliquary. It's creepy.
Exemplar Kerida: We're on our way. Don't start without me!
<Character name>: Too late. I'm inside.
<Character name>: Time has taken its toll on this place.
Exemplar Kerida: Don't touch anything!


Taken from wiki, this is how it should look like. And below is how it looks like in my case.



Important note : This always happens with two or more people. It also happens when soloing, but sometimes it went through. Never with additional player. We restarted it like 20 times, tried multiple scenarios like only one person jumps, one person dies, both players dies, mesmer portal back to top, etc. Nothing worked. I don't know what causes them to skip dialogue, but once they do that it's game over. 


Thought You might want take a look at that due to upcoming re-release of it.

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There is the exact same issue in Flashpoint, in the Heart of the Volcano mission. Has the first voice line, but Scruffy falls the second you have the first line, and then Taimi doesn't continue. My issue is only when you try to bring a party to the missions, otherwise solo it does work.


With the upcoming release of these two episodes again, I really hope it's fixed because my friends and I really look forward to running through these together.

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