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Fixing Timeeeee - Illusions - No Damage on Octovine - Auric Basin Meta Event

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Its a long time now and maybe this "bug" was always there but its more than a year now that my Illusions are dealing NO damage on the Octovine in Auric Basin. At least i see no numbers and the damage log also tells me no numbers. I guess they just disappear again...?
So Mesmer does like 10-20% of the normal damage to that meta boss?

So its just me that is stupid or did they really still didnt fix this? Or did they always deal damage to it and i am even more stupid than i thought?

If I am right here, please finally fix this and I guess others maybe know some other bosses where they deal no damage to?...

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13 hours ago, Suyheuti.1732 said:

Self deception trait is not working also. I mean I have clone generation issue. Normally, deception skills should generate clona when 1 clone is active, in octovine, it doesnt. I just do autoattack. 

Others: People are just Auto attacking on octovine thats why X side takes so long.
Mesmers: Excuse me, i cant do anything else :v

I mean yes u can do like 1-2 different skills when not having illusions. Or you have to make a fully different build for just that meta (lol).
I also just auto attack always and spam some shatter skills even if i cant generate clones.

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To understand why its never been fixed, you have to understand the underlying problem.    In short, any skill with pathfinding breaks because Octovine's anchor point is underground (which is what pathfinding is trying to reach).  To make up for this, it has a large hitbox around the model so most line of sight projectiles skills can still hit it.  Cleave will also still hit it for obvious reasons.  


I suspect fixing it requires rebuilding the enemy's hitbox and metrics......which may be a map asset, and not a usual enemy type.  Think Bonewalls, or Vines, which are also partially underground at all times. 

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