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Convenience-Guild - Auroras Refuge

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Auroras Refuge [IHI] is an anti-guild, that focuses on people minding their own business. A convenience-guild, offering various features without responsibilities.

The more you know about the game, the more useful the guild can be to you.


It does not matter if you have just returned from a long break, got kicked from your previous guild or left it on your own. Why do you join and for how long is your own business, no questions asked. You can stay as long as you feel comfortable. No contribution required, no interaction required. In addition you can use all the useful features of a guild, which would normally require officer rank or higher. You are free to do whatever you want, whenever you feel like it. 

New members of the guild get this rank and access to the following features:
- Buffs and Vendors
- Gathering Synthesis Output Tier 3 (for multi-loot)
- Independant Guildmissions 
- Guildportal
- Music in the Tavern to browse and relax
- Customized Guildhall
- Waypoint discount 15 % while representing (invisible works)
- WvW claim-rights (no limitations)
- Scribe (all recipes unlocked)
- Access to all Mount-Rentals
- Invite rights
- Access to Guild Stash (50 slot guild-bank)

You gain access to the mission-control. You can start the missions on your own to collect personal loot. This works great for Races, Treks, a few bounties and a couple of WvW/sPvP missions. [info]

Windswept Haven is optimized for convenience. The important sections can be quickly accessed via portals and direct passages.

> JOIN <
You can contact me on the forums or ingame (mail or whisper).
If you are interested in an easy access to T2 gathering nodes, we are teaming up with the Precipice Value Extractors [PVE], another convenience-guild. To get an invite for this, you can either contact their guild-leader Aden Blinkroot (naqaden.5698) or just tell me. 

Note: Target audience of the guild are real players. It is not intended to be a parking lot for alt-accounts. Up to 3 accounts per user are fine. Friends & family are also welcome. 


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Finally managed to unlock all WvW Objective Auras. This means members can now safely claim ALL kinds of objects. The limitation for camps-only is gone. As long as you do not lock the Public Tactic Activation, allied commanders should be fine with it. We supply the same bonuses as everyone else now.

Still plenty of free space. Feel free to join!

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Slowly getting more members, but there is still plenty of space.

About the gathering-nodes


The gathering-nodes in the guildhalls offer materials of different levels. There are two upgrades for these:
- the node itself, which influences what items you can get out
- the Synthesis Output

In [H] Auroras Refuge, the nodes are outmaxed. So you can get the highlevel materials when farming them. Synthesis Output has 4 different tiers. Technically you can gather nodes with each tier once per day. Even if the nodes have the same level (= same gathering items).

Most guildhalls of real guilds aim to upgrade everything to maximum. So the gathering nodes usually have Synthesis Output Tier 4. This guild has stopped at Tier 3. That means you can farm your main guild and this one in addition = more loot. 


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I've been doing a little more WvW lately. The claim-feature for objectives is pretty neat. It enhances the supply-capacity and grants great boons to nearby allies. Many big guilds only grant this feature to their officers and/or commanders. Here you can do it right away. 

We have also had a couple of players who originally joined to level a scribe, but stayed for the convenience. Which is totally fine. Everyone is welcome and free to stay as long as they feel comfortable. 

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Our numbers keep growing slowly. Recently more people joined to learn scribe, but stayed for the convenience. We also have a cooperation with a smaller guild, which offers T2 gathering nodes. A nice advantage is the location. As Windswept Haven is in Path of Fire, you can easily move your characters to Elona.

Still plenty of room. Feel free to join.

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Thank you for the invitation ☺️

Pls let me add that besides the unique concept, the guild hall is truly customised ❤️ The GH entry point is unrecognisable and I find it very cool. There are some great never see before decor ideas in there too. Regardless, sad to say that only very few players appreciate our guild halls but lucky that there are still a handful of us who really enjoy building and customising stuffs. A while back, I created a topic about my guild hall with pictures and videos. That topic drew 600+ view. But views only, no love 😔 I am heart broken 💔

Please show us more of your ideas and creativities :classic_happy: Cheers! 


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