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Questions about stacking and effects

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If 2 warriors throw banner of strengh, besides range do the banner effects stack?


In WvW if scrapper puts up 'Defense Shield', then my guardian whiles in that shield aoe puts up 'Shield of Judgement'. Do this double shielding effect stack?

If yes how will this effect be calculated. As shown by the guardian button it has 33% dmg reduction. Defense Shield is suppose offer stability and reflect missles for 5 seconds.

Then how about when 2 guardians both put up Shield of Judgement in same area?

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Its specific to each skill.  Some stack in either potency or duration, others don't stack at all.    In the case of non-stacking effects, the strongest version takes precedence. Banners, for instance, don't stack.  


The second question is confused.  Both of those skills are both fields and Collisions objects.   Collision objects are processed in order to impact.  So a projectile passing through both runs calculations as if it hit 2 different targets.  


Field effects operate on a different logic.   They pick up to 5 targets (at random) within the field to apply its effects to.  They are processed in order newest to oldest (based on age) when determining what gets triggered, and works through the whole stack top-to-bottom.  So a person standing in multiple overlapping fields can be affected by all of them.  Attacks with Finishers effects will trigger once on the top most field and ignore the others. 


Shield of Judgement is NOT a field effect.  Its a wave attack that covers an arc in front of the player.   All it does is damage enemies, and applies boons to allies if they are within the arc. 


You should read up on the skills themselves, and learn the difference between Boons, Buffs, and Effects.

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