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Is condition druid a thing in raids?


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Yes and No... kind of.   The meta comp tends to look down on support hybrids given the last 2 years of balance passes have forced builds down really niche paths.  But this pick isn't particularly new.  The Condi Druid is technically a DPS slot; but can operate as a secondary support for short periods or in situation where a team needs to split and still needs the buffs given. 

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It’s mostly taken for speed run groups in an attempt to maximize damage. These players can avoid damage well enough and do enough damage to melt bosses such that they don’t need a dedicated healer, and instead bring a condi Druid to do what little healing they need while also providing damage.


In a normal raid group I would highly recommend against using it. The damage it provides does not make up for the lack of healing it should be doing in a normal raid group.

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1 hour ago, Dadnir.5038 said:

The build can certainly fullfil a purpose as a support build with some dps but I wouldn't say that it got the smartest traits choice ever (Primal echo serve no purpose on a staffless build for example).


Primal Echoes activates when you enter Celestial Avatar, with or without a staff. It's used for breakbar damage.


Cultivated Synergy only activates when summoning a Water Sprit, not when using its active skill. Which makes it useless in a spirit build. Druidic Clarity isn't needed either.

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