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PvP Balance Discussion Today Inquiry

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On 7/19/2021 at 7:06 AM, anduriell.6280 said:

New World is DOA, i would not hold my breath on that one. 


AoC on the long run, maybe Sword of Legends Online would be something you can have a look into if you really need some change and don't mind the chinese thematic. 


Lost ark is another possibility, heard nothing but good things from players who've tried it.

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2 hours ago, Stand The Wall.6987 said:

any mmo without action combat is dead to me. tbh i don't see the classic excel spreadsheet mmo surviving into gen z.




Which makes it all the more aggravating when Anet is sitting on a gigantic uncut diamond that is the combat system for GW2, and (apparently?) won't pay like... 5 people to playtest pvp and talk with us about potential balancing direction often enough that we don't think changes are being made blindly. 


It's the most frustrating feeling imaginable. It's like Adobe Creative Cloud, but in MMO form and instead of annoying fees, it's radio silence on pvp after pushing changes that create several new, obnoxiously strong builds or invalidate entire traitlines, as in the case of Corruption on revenant.


They got the combat system so, so right. How is this not being capitalized on?  

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