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Tips on how to play Support Spellbreaker for WvW?

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Hi. I'm a warrior noob here. Just have been playing this toon for 25 hours and only for WvW. I am a Firebrand main but I just started seeing the appeal of the warrior class. I just want to ask some tips on how to play this class more effectively, like what heal to use, when to pop my bubble etc. I see that I can tank a lot of damage by using Healing Signet. I already invested on my Minstrel gear and have been enjoying this class. Thank you. 

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Posted (edited)
3 minutes ago, ProverbsofHell.2307 said:

Spellbreaker is more useful as damage + boonstrip, I would just go full berserk gear. GS and offhand axe.

I really like playing support like healing my allies, giving buffs or barriers, (that stuff). I see that the warhorn provides really good buffs to my team. 

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