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Rating and Badge bugged in PvP ( 3v3 season)

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Basically what happened to me and a few people is we Qed a game of ranked before the actual season started, its a ranked game but basically unranked because it was not a 3v3 game but 5v5 regular game during off season and it counted towards the ranked leaderboard. But then once the actual season started it did reset on the public leaderboard but not the personal leaderboard. so those who  pressed ranked during the off season were all bugged and cannot see their rating or use  their badge in their personal pannel and only on the public leaderboard. Is it possible to hot fix this pls? I posted 2 screenshots right there. the other one is one from my stream right after the game ends i can actually see the rating but as soon as i leave the match i cant see it anymore and cant use the badge. 






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same with me here.


The first match i had yesterday after 3vs3 season start was a 5vs5 that went into my placement rating.


When I now start a ranked match it's always a 3vs3 but none of the matches show up in my placement rating.

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On 7/22/2021 at 6:30 PM, toxicarko.6923 said:

@SlateSloan.3654 same for me, you think about you lose or win rating (for 3v3 league) with this bug 5v5 game into 3v3 league ? 

The GM says to report the problem in game and post on EN forum 😞


yeah I did all that, still no answer...  they have the worst cheap profit center support ever. in TESO you get an answer within 20-30 minutes most the time... 

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