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17 hours ago, DoomNexus.5324 said:

I'd argue that PvP and also WvW, competitive content in general, actually needs the least effort so it's not like they'd need a huge budget anyway.


Unfortunately, not correct. This would be true if adjustments were made to sPvP and the general game system to bring it into line with current circumstances or if it had been made in a timely manner. 


15 hours ago, Cynz.9437 said:

Many things need complete redesign to make pvp somehow enjoyable.


20 hours ago, Cynz.9437 said:

Although, they actually did do quite a lot of things for pvp in the past but way too late.


In short: "Exactly, that's it."


PvP (and WvW) needs a clear cut, a reboot, a new version adapted to the current circumstances, a new, own "build", which could be created e.g. with an expansion (EoD) and is ready to be adapted as needed. But if you consider how EoD came about, you will rightly suspect that nothing significant will change (ANet can occasionally surprise you, but I personally strongly suspect that not much will happen - apart from the already known changes - the alliances system as an example).


I had first wanted to write a few more lines, but it became more and more text, and content that is interconnected - which means - that you can or should include to get an overall picture - mainly concerning the PvP mode (also WvW) and its background to this day.

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On 7/21/2021 at 11:53 PM, avey.4201 said:

Problem: Players wanted/asked for pvp content.
Reason: Anet wants to do PVE content.
Action: Anet makes the characters feel terrible in pvp, trashes balance.
Solution: If no one plays pvp no one will ask for pvp content.


On 7/22/2021 at 12:04 AM, Stand The Wall.6987 said:

it brings a whole new meaning to end game content


im dead you guys just one shot me to OP 🤣😵💀☠️

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