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Forum profile should include TOP 3 most played professions

Profession under forum profile Icon  

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  1. 1. Should the GW2 forum show at least the most played profession under the Icon?

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All major MMO games like WoW and FF XIV  show the main profession underneath the profile icon on the forum, but this feature is missing from the GW2 forum and I can't help but wonder why....I can guess the reason but that's still not a good enough reason, won't you agree?


Ideally the forum could show the top 3 most played professions, but at least the most played one should be fine as indication, it would be a way to see who say what and the real reason. Some may say that it'd increase toxicity but I say the feature works pretty well on other game forums

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Dont get me wrong, but simply I dont care. You dont need avatar or signature saying "hi, i play warrior, nice to meet you". You can just read somebodys post and in 90% of cases you gonna be right what class they play.
For example, some1 still crying about teef plasma after nerfs gonna be mezmer. Game is kitten and hillarious ideas how to make it better with enormous buffs for certain class gonna be warriors. General stupidity and trying at all costs to show that certain class is hard to play and doesnt get carried gonna be rangers. And so on and so on. Most people here are so biased about their class that I wouldnt be surprised if they have 12 characters and all 12 character slots being one and the same class. 

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As far as I remember, you can choose which character is chosen to represent your account on the WoW forums, so it isn't necessarily your main character.


Additionally, your most played profession in GW2 doesn't necessarily represent your current main profession.

My most played profession would be Revenant, which I played 90% of my time between the launch of HoT and somewhere in the middle of Season 4. And since that, I didn't have a main and my play time is evenly spread across all professions (except for Thief and Engineer), making my no-longer-main Revenant still my most-played profession, yet it's one of the professions I'm least proficient with.


As you can see, in cases like me, listing my most-played profession literally says nothing about how I play the game and on what kind of proficiency level I am. All it'd indicate is which professions provided the most fun to me during the entire lifetime of the game.

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No thanks, forum profile should have as little as possible informations about one's game account.  


Here's a reason if you want one: 


Topic: Nerf ranger! It's OP

Guy1 (who mostly plays ranger): no please I like how it is now.

Guy2: your opinion counts nothing because you're ranger main.



I don't know but I don't want to see this.

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3 hours ago, Arheundel.6451 said:

 it would be a way to see who say what and the real reason. 

Sounds more like a way to judge and discredit based on what class someone plays and using that to put words in their mouths, inferring what the reason for what they are saying instead of what the actual reason may be. 


"Of course you would say that, X main" ,"you don't even play the class, you have no idea what you are on about", or a forum classic "look at X main trying to defend their broken class lolol".


It would do nothing but detract from conversation. 


Plus you haven't given a real reason besides "other games have it" and pretty much "it would let me judge people". 


What actual benefit would it have?

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This is fine, but I can see why it would be bad for some.


2 hours ago, Sigmoid.7082 said:

"Of course you would say that, X main" ,"you don't even play the class, you have no idea what you are on about", or a forum classic "look at X main trying to defend their broken class lolol".


People do this now based on what icon you pick (or what your post history tends to reflect), which is why people change their icons when making posts attacking classes for what they see as overpowered metrics. If anything it would further expose the people who are trying to advocate for nerfs without even logging in on the class. 


It would probably be better for everyone to keep the forum discourse less susceptible to easy ad hominem though. 

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We had this discussion before. It would just give people the opportunity to dismiss arguments/suggestions/critiques by "what do you know, you main X".

Also how would that even work, if you just put the all time most played under the forum badge it will be super misleading. For example my second most played class is guardian, but those matches come from 2013-2014.
So people could assume that I'm on point with guardian balance questions(or biased as hell because my precious main), but I'm literally not. Beside "remove trapper runes lol" I made like 0 contribution to convo about guardian balance on this forum, because I'm not playing it competetively anymore.

Either give the full statistic of the player or give nothing. But if I could choose, I'd choose nothing.

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6 hours ago, Lighter.5631 said:

Pointless, a noob's opinion matters little no matter what class he mains.

show highest rating perhaps will be more useful, to filter out the less skilled individuals

That would also allow people to filter out the top end players, as their opinion matters little to nothing for making the game better for the vast majority.

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