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Best Race?  

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  1. 1. What are the forum warriors favorite race in gw2?

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Sylvari all the way! Especially male sylvari, because that guy's voice is phenomenal. Female sylvari...eh. I just don't like her voice. It's a good voice, I'm just tired of hearing Jennifer Hale absolutely everywhere. XD Anyway, I love their lore and appearance. They're so unique!

And as someone else brought up, the sylvari seem to have the most coherent story, especially since they meet Trahearne early on and then their whole race gets such a prominent role in Heart of Thorns. Everyone else just sort of stumbles their way into being the Commander, but sylvari player characters are literally born to be that role, what with their Wyld Hunt of taking down Zhaitan.

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I think within the context of the overall GW universe which takes into account the first game, the Humans have the most developed cultures and lore and therefore tend to be my favorite in this game. 

That said, Asura are fun and I've always liked the Norn since their EOTN introduction, though they might be a race I prefer in GW1 over their GW2 presentation.

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I just want to say Charr is by far the best anthro playable race of any videogame.

They are unique in that they don't really look humanoid or feral, its a perfect balance in between, things that other companies fail to accomplish when creating a fantasy playable race.

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Sylvari for me. Charr are pretty close. Asura are third, though there was a time when they were my favorite. 

The entire concept of Sylvari is just really unique and interesting to me. Especially when I used to RP many years ago. A race that many in-game lore characters are actually just older than. They're a blank slate because of how young the race is. For your own backstory, whether your RP or not, you can pretty much just make it anything you want and it will make sense. They're not nature-lovers just because they're plants even though they adhere to some of its teaching due to their roots (ha). At least not in the same way Wood Elves are in Warhammer. They have no sense of reproducing so their love is always genuine and without barriers. No god to follow (except dragon daddy for a time), so no one to really tell them how to act or who to be. The Pale Tree is more like a "parent" to them than some kind of divine being. They have a tablet with teachings they aspire to, but it doesn't dictate their lives. No history of great wars against other races such as Charr vs Human. Their interactions with Charr is very different from the Humans in Divinity's Reach as a result. They can view the world as it is and not how it was but still be curious about its history.

I also love their aesthetics. The glow is so cool and I enjoy making it a part of my fashion. While I'm not usually like a super nature-loving gal for games (yes IRL), I do really enjoy that just how natural it is for the Sylvari. Like, their water jugs are literally just pitcher plants. I don't know how to word that without it sounding like a euphemism, but you know what I mean. I really want more hairstyles for all races. But, moreso for Sylvari because it can be pretty much any plant-like thing you can think of. The creative potential there is untapped! I can't resist making puns. 

And! For the final and most cringe-worthy reasoning. A lot of them are just happy. It's not that they don't have problems or enemies. They just don't have a jaded outlook on life usually. Canach is probably the most grumpy Sylvari there is, but even he isn't nearly as angry or grumpy as most Charr or Humans. Could certainly be a grumpy-vari and I'm sure there are some NPCs that are! But! Their more inquisitive and generally-positive outlook on life is very much appreciated relative to the real world. I'll sometimes watch a cartoon on Netflix to remind myself that not everything sucks. The Sylvari are kind of like a game version of that. Just pure and simple fun! 

I also like being called Salad. It's just a cute nickname for a race, ha. Pretty neat how close the results are aside from Norn. I really like Norn. But, they're more of a race I enjoy playing with rather than as. 

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Tengu would be #1 and I wish to play as one someday.

Charr #2 because Tengu are #1

Asura #3 simply because their blundering overcomplicated technology adds a lot of stuff to the lore. Without Asura, would SAB ever exist? Fractals? ect.

Sylvari #4 I don't like the leafy theme, but it's better than nothing.

Humans #5 because I don't play fantasy games to be myself.

Norn are #6 because they're just big humans.

19 hours ago, Shena Fu.5792 said:

Asura master race feel like they move and run faster. Best race for JP: you can see where you go and pinpoint where you jump.

Oddly enough, I find my charr characters to be far easier in jumping puzzles than my asura character. It might just be familiarity though since Char are 90% of my characters and asura are only 10%.

Only reason I wanted an asura was because I use golemancer runes on him and since he's a necromancer he can summon a flesh golem and I also have a golem mini on him too. Golemancer Dredd is his name. It's quite thematic and I like having a theme sometimes.

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