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3v3 no more flying this is the new sh....

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So i came back after a couple of weeks to play some gw2 pvp just to find out the new way of cheating is disappearing from the map, but still stay in the match so the other team loses by timer... great. Flying, speedhacking and now start a match just to disappear if u go downstate and then wait for the timer to kill my enemys. And i dont think it was bugged. He did it 3 times in a row...

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21 hours ago, Stand The Wall.6987 said:

none of those pictures show anything

I hope this proves it


I couldn't get the full first round but you get to see how we lost when no one is there

there's not much to say for the second round as you can see , he just disappeared as soon as he goes down and we lost cuz of the timer

in the last round if you look carefully you could see him suiciding before anyone could move out of spawn ( idk why he did that )

you could see his acc name at 2:03 (alkkar.3920)

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Game mode is trash with anets balancing anyway so who cares lol. Perfect team a scourge aoe brainless spam, ren bow spam, and holo grenade spam among other things.... gw2 pvp is only going downhill lol they really need to replace the balance devs.

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