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Okay I am calling this right now

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Warrior will get 2 pistols... and two more mounted on the belt, two in the toes of boots, one up each sleeve attached to robot arms and a pair of automated mini-guns in a backpack that deploy over the shoulder.


Skill 1: pistols in the hand fire tracking projectiles continuously with no reload and 1200 range, 0.3 power for each bullet, 3 rounds per second each pistol

Skill 2: pistols on the belt shoot 16 explosive rounds together annihilating everything in a 30 degree cone out to 900, 10 sec ICD. Each round that hits launches the opponent away, deals a fixed 2k damage and applies 3 stacks of 5 second burning.

Skill 3:  deploy under-arm pistols for a burst of damage. 1200 range and is an ammo skill.

Skill 4: pistol boots shoot knock-down rounds at the target that stuns for 3 seconds with a 600 range and 5 second ICD. When traited with Steel Toed, the rounds become piercing and do 0.95 factor damage.

Skill 5: backpack mini-guns deploy and strafe the target. Channel skill, tracks target 360 degrees, 3.5 power coefficient, 5 second burst, 45 second ICD. The trait, Light Amplification, removes all travel time for the projectiles ensuring 100% hit rate even for those trying to dodge, block or blurry in a frenzy of panic.

Skill 6: a third, separate robot arm from the backpack deploys a potion pouring over the warrior's head that heals, gives 7 seconds of supserspeed, 20 Might, and fills the adrenaline bar.

Utility 1: all bullets siphon

Utility 2: all bullets poison and corrupt boons

Utility 3: all bullets are projectile finishers and each weapon pair provides a different boon

Utility 4: hot lead causes 1 stack of burning for each bullet

Elite: shoot every pistol, everywhere, 300 range, including allies who get loaded with boons. Enemies do not get boons and take bullet damage, of course.

F1: give yourself 2 seconds of alacrity for each segment of adrenaline

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Dual pistols.


But, instead of shooting them, the warrior punches with them, firing the pistols on impact.   If mesmers can shoot with a greatsword and daggers, warriors can punch with pistols.


The elite spec has to be a pistol packing punching pugilist!

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1 hour ago, Teratus.2859 said:

I know what it is 😛

The new Warrior spec is called the "Come at me bro" and it isn't getting new weapons.
It's actually getting the ability to equip Swords in all it's armour slots. 😄 

Ok... that remind me the guy that only wear a shield in the manga "Jyaken San Wa Sugu Bureru"... not a good thing 😱.


2 hours ago, DragonSlayer.1087 said:

New Mechanic: You get a pet Greatsword. 

Hmm, like Balthazar?

So not an "elite specialization" but a "divine specialization"...

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