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Eod question

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4 minutes ago, Dawdler.8521 said:



You need to buy the collection ($50 min) to get all three. Just EoD does not give you HoT/PoF.



If you look at the purchase page you'll see 3 versions: HoT & PoF together, EoD on it's own or HoT, PoF AND EoD as a pack. If you want all 3 expansions you need to buy that 3rd one. (All of those include the base game.)


The collection is slightly cheaper than buying them separately (£8 less in the UK, I assume a similar amount in other currencies) but more expensive than buying just EoD or just HoT and PoF.


(It's possible they will bundle them all together in future, but based on previous expansions you could be waiting a few years for that.)

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