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Lightning Flash should have its Stun Break back


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It is very unlikely it will ever get a Stunbreak as long as Mist Form and Armor of Earth have one. This might sound unintuitive at first but Cantrips were a huge outlier with this set up when compared to other utility groups.


Imho, instead of replicating Blink, it would be way more interesting to improve on the offensive aspect of the skill. And I'm not necessarily talking about burst damage. That's overrepresented by Arcanes already. I'm more with Vissarion in that many other utility groups need to be looked at due to different reasons.

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I wish they'd realize that overnerfing things to be useless is bad. Just because an effect is effective doesn't mean it's overpowered and has to be nerf-batted into a boring ineffective skill. It should be harder to decide which skills we place on out utility bars but for every class it's just "Dud... Dud... Dud... Guess I'll stick with the usual 1 pick."


It used to be fun to try to come up with builds. Now most builds you try out become free kills for the enemy. 



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