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Reaper  - slow tank/nod fighter/WvW-tank/huge dps  will be replaced by new Thief spec 😛


(i really hope they rework Rifles in this game ..you know they "feel" heavy and slow (exept the  DE , who can use multiply attacks ) ...

Maybe rifles "comsume" buffs and transform it into Quickness  ?

Something like a trait that transform Boons into Quickness when you have Rifle for 0.5 sec .

If someone cast Protection on you (which your class cannot produce) , you you activate the auto attack once and  you get 3 sec Quickness in any weapon .

You can "comsume" 10 might stacks for 75% quickness (not 50%) .


Or ammos are dropped randomly nearby (400 yards) and you  must use mobility skills (rifle-dodge , looses its evade but can be used 3 times) to pick them and then you attack are replaced by  SUPER ATTACKS (something like Draveeennn ! from LoL)

If you cc them for 2 sec , they  loose the window where they can pick p the ammos

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