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Virtuoso traits are unbelievably meh

Daniel Handler.4816

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Yeah many of them do seem quite "meh", fury modifier, this on crit that on crit, blades here and there.


Sure, it looks like some reasonable build options - though I can see the quickness being nerfed, but nothing that looks particularly exciting in terms of enhancing the skills.

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I got to agree with this. I'm sure I will get something out of Virtuoso due to Blades being better than Clones. However, the traits are even worse than what we got on Mirage. And Mirage traits overall were already pretty bad.


  • Vulnerarbility? Really? With a double requisite? Mesmers don't need more Vulnerability.
  • Fury is already covered by different traits. We only get +10% crit out of Virtuoso.
  • The Bleeding is so lazy. Heck, as Daniel said... we got Sharper Images!


While there are other things mixed in their, this mostly feels like a Mesmer-centered copy of Duelling.


Virtuoso might find its place within the game as long as it deals enough damage. It might become the best spec for large scale fights. That's it. To me, while I will get something out of it, it is not really exciting. Especially since the issues Mesmer have with Clones is something that feels like it probably should be fixed for the whole class, not just for one e-spec.


Now I have to prepare for the funeral of my Chronomancer...

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Some conditional ublockable projectile would be fine tho centrainly nothijg like oh your blades are unblockable now.


Oh well this is why we have the beta comming up.


Also the access to aegis and blocks and the synergy that gives with blades coupd be interesting.

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