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Balance Update Preview for August 17, 2021

Josh Davis.7865

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"Retreat!": Guardians never retreat, so this shout skill has been renamed "Advance!" The voice acting has been updated appropriately to say either "Advance!" or "Charge!" at random, for a little variety.


@Josh Davis.7865

Somehow have time for stupid things like that for guardian but none to fix Engineer turrets? They are clunky, not optimized. Want to see more turrets build. Bring back overcharge skills, give them boons. Faster shooting rate modify the conditions inflicted, make their shot pierces!


This guardian change wasn't needed, there are more skills in the real need to be fixed since 4+ years. Hello engie turrets.

i don't speak how bad and useless elexir gun and tool kit feel.

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A lot of people are hating and my initial reaction was not very positive either.
If we get balance patches more frequently until EoD comes around (which is very unlikely due to the lousy track record of previous balance patches and Anet being busy with the EoD specs and stuff - but if this is the case:) I actually like not over-patching everything at once. Toning down especially scourge, but to some extent also holo, has a ripple effect. Some builds can't play around an op class anymore so synergies with other builds may be weakened, etc.. Maybe we will already see an incremental shift of meta builds in the following weeks.
Like they said here:


 but we want to see the impact of shaving down a few holosmith-specific elements (as well as Over Shield) before touching anything else.

If they genuinely keep an eye on things and this attitude is not only limited to Holo stuff, I think this is the way to go actually. However this only works if more balance patches follow more frequently so I'm expecting more in the future @Anet.

One thing I'd appreciate regarding Confusion: To not proc when using a skill that cleanses it. And with the buffed base/tick damage this is more important than ever imho.

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I'm glad to see the Ranger bug fixes incoming.  Thank you for that!


On the downside though is what's missing. I keep hoping that in one of these patches we'll see Coalescence of Ruin fixed. Ever since October 2019 this skill hasn't worked correctly. It skips right over foes in melee range, sometimes goes in a different direction from where it was targeted, and slight irregularities in terrain can make it do no damage at all.  Dev team please fix CoR!

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18 hours ago, Josh Davis.7865 said:

"Retreat!": Guardians never retreat, so this shout skill has been renamed "Advance!" The voice acting has been updated appropriately to say either "Advance!" or "Charge!" at random, for a little variety.

Lmao. Exactly what we all needed.
How about fix revenant's sword animations?  You know, just in case you forgot about how terrible they are.

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Projectile finishers only affect one ally, though.

So, a light projectile finisher will cleanse one condition from one ally close to the enemy that was hit.

And since most projectile finishers are blockable projectiles, some with 20% combo-chance, chances to make use of this effect are extremely low.


For example, using mortar-1 (100% chance, 0.8s activation time, combo effect only if projectile passes through target) on heal-scrapper could potentially cleanse 1 condition per second, but only if there is no projectile hate & an ally is within radius & the enemy is hit correctly & the right combo-field is triggered.


For group-content all projectile and whirl-finishers are very underwhelming.

I would like an AoE-cleanse though, then nerfing it by reducing the chance of all projectiles to 20%. Or having the bolts piercing/bouncing.

Increasing the radius slightly has in my opinion hardly any impact.

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6 hours ago, Zedo.5804 said:

do we want to provide the Dragon Hunter? the class in wvw is unbalanced, does more damage than a full dps weaver and mounts a heavy armor, do you ever check the wvw? have you not noticed that there is an abuse of dps guardians?around you see more guardian dps than npc...

Dawn of time the guardian serves to heal and protect, not to do more damage than the wizards, who walk around with a cloth armor and a spit of life,nerf DH.




You uh are misrepresenting a LOOOT about DH. 


1.) It certainly doesn't do "more damage than a full dps weaver" it just has True Shot which can crit for a fair amount but it also has a lot of drawbacks. 3/4 of a second stationary cast time is forever in PvP and WvW and it's visual animation is very noticable, the rest of its damage is avoidable too coming hugely from full duration traps and symbols which you just need to get out of. 


2.) Heavy Armor? Uh that doesn't really mean anything. Guardians especially if they're "DPS Guardians" like you seem to indicate have incredibly low base HP we're talking like 11k and to get above that they need to sacrifice a fair amount of stats or traits so yea.


3.) I have no idea what the rest of this means it seems to be some RP craziness so I'll just say Developers balance around gameplay and stats not RP so I'm sorry that a DPS guardian doesn't match your storytime version of what a guardian should be but that's irrelevant. 


(oh and there are no wizards in this game Harry) 

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34 minutes ago, JPUlisses.8756 said:

Lingering Curses: The bonus condition damage granted by this trait now applies with any weapon, not only scepter.


Secret Pistol Necro Buff

Yea the entire patch is for the EoD stuff. Im pretty sure the Mesmer revive nerf is related to how it could be used with the new spec too, otherwise it would seem totally random and unnessesary/pointless.

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its ballance ??? why this game only provide berserkers / DPS builds - there is a lot of outher stat but here to do enything u must use berserk or uninstal the game . . . 8 beautyfull years has gone and from patch to patch i cant back to this game - im person who create builds - tons of it but how if only berserkers ? - i greate heal nekro - nerf i create auto heal warrior meatball - nerf  i make guardian shouter buffer - nerf - this game is soo great but slowly defs kill it - look at PVP - some day was all of stats -now its a few options and call it FASTER lol


plz ARENA NET wake up 

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Cmon fix warrior already








Full Counter: For a profession mechanic this has become a very weak attack in competitive modes. Overnerfed. Initial issues came from it's behavior, activating from ranged attacks and punishing allies near the spellbreaker if hit accidentally.

Change it's behavior so it's similar to Riposte, blocking ranged attacks and only activating when struck by a melee attack by an opponent within range. Make this skill have animation priority over other skills instead of queuing behind so this can be used reactively instead of predictively. Reduce block duration to 1 second. Return the damage in competitive modes.






Earthshaker: The damage nerf in competitive mode really guts this weapon..

Return the damage in competitive modes.

Rupturing Smash: Part of the reason why berserker warriors don't run with hammer, there's little reason to take it over other weapons because it's burst is weak and awkward to use with it's unusual hitbox.

Change AOE to full circle. Return the cascading attack effect. Reduce daze duration to half second, Remove immobilize.

Staggering Blow: The damage nerf in competitive mode really guts this weapon..

Return the damage in competitive modes.

Backbreaker: The damage nerf in competitive mode really guts this weapon..

Return the damage in competitive modes.






Auto Attack: Would be nice to have the condi damage here without taking the trait, it has a decent condi set but the auto attack lacks it.

Add bleeding effect to auto attack.









Skull Crack: CC Damage nerf should not exist on burst skills.

Return the damage in competitive modes.

Auto Attack: The final attack has a longer windup than necessary

Reduce Pulverize cast time to half second to align with rest of mace auto attack.

Counter Blow: From a design perspective, warrior has 3 skills that are nearly identical to Counter blow (Sword Riposte, Spear Parry)..

Scrap Counter Blow. Replace with a new skill: Armor Crush. Leap 300 units and strike your target with an overhead blow. Unblockable. Removes protection, dazes if target is blocking or has protection.

Pommel Bash: This is a low damage skill and used primarily to interrupt. Would be nice to make more use of it.

Give 2 charges, increase cooldown to 20 seconds, reduce daze to 1/2 second.

Tremor: It does decent damage, but it's awkward to use at range mainly due to it's slow projectile speed in which enemies can simply sidestep it. Also looks weird, like you're unleashing a gopher.

Make ground targeted, make it an ranged AOE attack instead of projectile. Return the damage in competitive modes.






Flurry: This is a pretty awful attack to spend adrenaline on. Long cast time, self rooting, poor damage. Final Thrust is more worthy of being a burst attack..

Just swap places with Final Thrust

Final Thrust: This is a good attack, worthy of being a burst. More so than flurry..

Just swap places with Flurry

Riposte: In need of a usability update

Allow control over the counter attack, continue blocking until struck. If struck, replace adrenaline rush with Counterattack. Make this skill have animation priority over other skills instead of queuing behind so this can be used reactively instead of predictively.










Shield Bash: Same problem as all 02/25 patch items, overbearing and overtuned.

Revert the 02/25 patch, give it damage capabilities again.


Harpoon Gun




Puncture Shot: Inaccurate tooltip, low damage

Appears to do more damage than tooltip suggests. Update tooltip. May also want to increase damage, autoattack does more damage.

Split Shot: Inaccurate tooltip, low damage.

Update tooltip so it shows that 5 shots are fired in a fan. Update tooltip damage so it shows (5). May also want to increase damage.

Knot Shot: Low damage (183)

Increase damage






Wild Whirl: Leaves much to be desired. Whirling strike is superior in damage and control. Not worthy of a berserk skill.

Give this the arc divider treatment underwater. Remove burning.

Parry: Usability Update

Allow control over the counter attack, continue blocking until struck. If struck, replace adrenaline rush with Counterattack. Make this skill have animation priority over other skills instead of queuing behind so this can be used reactively instead of predictively.






Natural Healing: Zero reason to take this when it removes your boons.

Add the benefit of refreshing your full counter ability as well.






Outrage: What I dislike about the changes to the rage skills and h ow they tie with berserker duration is the fact that they don't benefit the warrior outside of berserker. It could be given a Glyph / physical treatment which would give it more uses

While in berserk mode, this increases berserk duration (more if breaking a stun). Outside of berserk mode, you gain adrenaline. Gain 2 additional charges, increase cooldown to 20 seconds.

Shattering Blow: Same issue as outrage.

While in berserk mode, increase berserk duration. Outside of berserk mode, gain adrenaline.

Sundering Leap: Same issue as outrage, doesn't have a use scenario or niche to use.

While in berserk mode, increase berserk duration. Outside of berserk mode, gain adrenaline. Reduce cast time to half second, change from vulnerability and cripple to burning, bleeding, and torment.

Wild Blow: Same issue as outrage, niche use. Damage nerf in competitive mode makes this a terrible skill.

While in berserk mode, increase berserk duration. Outside of berserk mode, gain adrenaline. Return damage in competitive modes.

Sight Beyond Sight: That recent 2 second revealed increase did not change the underlying flaws with this ability and how stealth works in game.

Grants self the ability to see stealthed players within range for 10s. Instead of having the next attack critically hit, change it so it inflicts  Exhaustion for 3 seconds on enemies you strike.

Featherfoot Grace: No longer used in competitive settings

Normalize to PVE cooldown of 30 seconds in competitive modes.

Imminent Threat: High cooldown with low benefit. The resolution and adrenaline feels more of an afterthought than anything.

Reduce cooldown to 30 seconds, reduce taunt to one second. Remove the resolution and adrenaline gain. Replace with Protection. Gain new effect: Cause all incoming damage to glance for 5 seconds.

Fear Me: Cooldown too high for low benefit.

This is a gimmick so I guess embrace the gimmick? If the 5 target cap limit is lifted and this is able to fear 15 enemies, this would be worth taking in such a scenario even with a 60 second cooldown.

Frenzy: Reason why this isn't taken is because this is only a damage modifier skill and there are better options out there for warrior. If this offered more utility in the form of something else, this would be considered.

Rework this. No longer breaks stuns. For 10 seconds, burst attacks use reduced adrenaline. Pulse quickness and alacrity. 30s cd.

Banners: Banner of Defense and Tactics will never see use in any game mode. Banner of Strength and Discipline see good use in PvE. Unequal weight of banners, favoring strength and discipline.

Make the banners single stat @ 170 points. (Power / Ferocity / Condition Damage / Expertise). Deal damage when planted. Reduce CD to 30s, banner duration to 20s

Stomp: Was hardly ever used in competitive modes before damage CC nerf. The damage nerf made this trash.

Return the damage in competitive modes, lower cd by 5s

Kick: Was hardly ever used in competitive modes before damage CC nerf. The damage nerf made this trash.

Return the damage in competitive modes

Bulls Charge: The CC damage nerf was overbearing, the long cooldown makes this unjustifiable to take.

Return the damage in competitive modes, alebit at a lowered amount.

Signet of Stamina: Too long of a cooldown for its active when condi re-application is rampant. Usability would improve if the CD was reduced in exchange for reducing the # of conditions cleared..

Instead of removing 12 conditions, have it just remove damaging conditions. Grant 8s of Resolution, reduce CD to 30s.






Battle Standard: Tooltip doesn't specify how many downed enemies will it finish. The might/swiftness/fury does not benefit from compassionate banner trait, benefit is heavily loaded into the initial cast and the lasting effect of the banner is underwhelming.

Remove the might/fury/swiftness. Replace it with a +100 gain in power, toughness, Concentration, and precision. Update tooltip so it specifies how many downed foes it can finish.

Signet of Rage: Totally obsolete skill that's been forgotten.

Rework this. While passive: Adrenaline decay outside of combat is slowed down by 75%. While active: your cleave cap is increased by 5 additional targets for 20 seconds. Killing enemies during this time will fill your adrenaline and refresh your burst cooldown.

Rampage: CC nerfs in competitive modes too overbearing, control effects don’t last long enough to make use of with damaging attacks.

Return damage in competitive modes.

Headbutt: Same issue as outrage. Having this deal no damage while stunning yourself makes this a terrible unusable skill.

While in berserk mode, increase berserk duration. Outside of berserk mode, reduces the berserk mode cooldown. Increase CD to 30s. Return damage in competitive modes.














Brave Stride: 2s of stability on 10s cd that's dependent on use of a skill makes it difficult to choose over peak performance which grants a static passive benefit without any active input

Normalize to 5s cd, 5s stability across all game modes

Body Blow: Competes directly in line with Forceful greatsword, which has benefits even on warriors running without greatsword / spear. Condi damage based trait in a power based traitline, zero use case scenarios to take this over great fortitude or forceful greatsword, even on condi builds.

Make it so attacks that deal control effects also deal more damage in addition to current effects.

 Merciless Hammer : A niche trait that mainly benefits hammer (for those that don't use hammer, the adrenaline is not worth taking. Control windows are far too short to take any benefit of the damage increase on controlled foes), competes with berserker's power and might makes right which are superior choices to take, yet not in any means overpowered.

Remove the damage increase on controlled foes while using a hammer. Change it so interrupting foes reduce all hammer skill (including burst) cooldown by 3 seconds.






Wounding Precision: Unusual combination and lazy by design. Precision benefits critical strikes, which is power based. This expect players to have high precision before condi based stats to maximize benefit, but would typically be the other way around. (max condi damage, precision would be an afterthought)

Rework this. Gain 180 expertise for 5 seconds when landing a burst attack.

Opportunist: Warrior only have 5 skills in their entire arsenal that inflict immobilize. 1 of which is from an aquatic weapon, another 1 from a utility, and another from a burst attack- meaning only 2 weapons skills inflict immobilize For a trait that benefits when you inflict immobilize, this is extremely lacking. Need to turn it around and have it inflict immobilize under special conditions. Would be great if was in tactics with leg specialist.

Rework this. Critical strikes against foes under 25% health will immobilize them for 1 second (15s cd). Gain 5s fury when striking foes under 25%. (15s cd)

Unsuspecting Foe: Window of opportunity is too low to make use of this trait as is. CC effects usually last under 3 seconds at a time, stun breaks and stability abundance makes this useless. Adding more opportunities may make this worth taking.

Rework this. Increase critical chance against foes when striking from the side, from behind, or when disabled. Reduce crit chance from +50% to +20%. Increase crit damage when striking a disabled foe or from the side/behind by 10%

Furious: Similar issue with Wounding precision and the arms trait line in general, how it mixes critical hits with condition damage. The grandmaster traits all seem to lack any traits to offer to pure condi builds without requiring precision.

Rework this. Burst attacks inflict multiple conditions based on boons on you and as long as you have fury. (based on boon-condition conversion table; e.g. if you have aegis, your burst will also inflict burning). (maximum 6 conditions inflicted per foe per burst, 8s icd)

Dual Wielding: Too much of a niche and the benefit is minimal even when wielding dual weapons. The speed increase conflicts with the speed cap that comes with quickness.

Scrap this, replace with Concussive Blows. Critical strikes against a foe with 25 stacks of vulnerability will inflict a concussion. [Concussion: 1/4 second daze. If target was interrupted, stuns for 1/2 second instead. inflicts 4s weakness and 2 stacks of 6s confusion, and deals some damage. Loses all stacks of vulnerability, 8 second icd]






Defy Pain: Despite it's history of nerfs it remains a prime choice in the defense trait line, but mostly because of the fact it competes with the likes of sundering mace and armored attack. It's likely in the best interest of the balance of this game to just move it to swap it with Rousing Resilience in Major Grandmaster, so the Major Grandmaster traits offer the choice between physical damage mitigation (defy pain), condition damage mitigation (Cleansing Ire), or control mitigation (Last Stand). Needs an active component to reduce passive traits. 300s cd overbearing in competitive mode.

Swap places with Rousing Resilience in Major Grandmaster. Revert PvP splits. Add an activation requirement: Must land a burst attack to activate trait for 60 seconds. Revert cooldown back down to 60s.

Sundering Mace: Trait only benefits mace.

Make it so taking this trait grants a +15% outgoing CC effect duration, where the duration is doubled to +30% when wielding a mace.

Last Stand: Tooltip is inaccurate. Trait will proc when warrior has stability and isn't disabled. Also a passive trait that needs active components. 300s cd too overbearing in competitive modes.

Either update tooltip so it clarifies so this will proc when struck by an attack with a disable effect or account for when the warriors have stability. Add in a activation requirement: Must break a stun in order to activate trait for 60 seconds. Revert PvP splits. Revert cooldown back to 40s Remove the ‘can’t be critically hit’ part in lesser balanced stance..

Cleansing Ire: Fell out of favor due to rampant condi re-application. In need of a minor tune up. Conflicts with spellbreaker's "Revenge Counter", removes condition before they're transferred.

Update this so you remove 3 conditions regardless of amount of adrenaline spent. Rework it so transfer effects occur before the conditions are removed. Removes Blind before burst.

Rousing Resilience: See notes on Defy pain.

Swap with Defy pain in Major Master.






Shrug it Off: Weak due to it's nerf of being a passive trait, redundant shout trait, and only removes one condition on a high cooldown.

Change it so you use "Shake it off" when you revive an ally with no cooldown. Increase conditions removed to 3.

Martial Cadence: Soldier's focus has a 15s cd and to have a trait dependent on soldier's focus makes this unattractive vs the other grandmasters.

Have this trait reduce the cooldown of burst skills in addition to current effects.

Phalanx Strength: Fell out of favor with the nerf and made it no longer a viable option.

In addition to it's current effects, increase personal might cap from 25 to 30.






Vengeful Return: Too much of a niche with limited benefit. Requires you to actually go into downed state to make this beneficial and must wait for vengeance to become available.

Scrap this and rework it. When your health falls below 50%, gain 10 strikes adrenaline and recharge your burst attack. Outgoing power/condition damage is increased by 20% for 10 seconds (60s cd).

Fast Hands: This has long been an issue of controversy for warriors. Being the profession with the least amount of skills available at a given time, a large percentage of skills are locked behind the weapon swap cooldown. This is the reason why warriors are so dependent on this trait. Not totally in favor of making weapon swapping 5 seconds, but willing to compromise.

Make warrior baseline weapon swapping reduced down to 8 seconds. Keep trait at 5 seconds.

Axe Mastery: Have an issue with how the 3 major grandmaster traits in discipline all compete for power damage. Axes have decent combo-chains, so adrenaline is hardly an issue.

Rework this. Burst attacks deal 10% more damage regardless of weapon wielded. Gain 200 ferocity while wielding axes, reduce axe skill cooldown.

Heightened Focus: Have an issue with how the 3 major grandmaster traits in discipline all compete for power damage. Heightened focus is the only option that gives condi builds some place, yet it's slightly weaker than burst mastery.

Also restore a portion of Adrenaline spent in addition to current effects.

Burst Mastery: Have an issue with how the 3 major grandmaster traits in discipline all compete for power damage. Heightened focus is the only option that gives condi builds some place, yet it's slightly weaker than burst mastery.

Scrap this trait. Move the adrenaline recovery to heightened focus, move the burst damage increase to axe mastery. Create a new trait in it's place that specifically benefits condition builds. Rename to Reckless Abandon. Swapping weapons will now cause you to throw your weapon at your target (600 range), inflicting multiple conditions.






Last Blaze: Panders to condi builds, but requires usage of rage skills. Only condi rage skill available is shattering blow. Berserker being a condi oriented spec should have an option for their primal bursts inflict more condi as a trait. No such option exists, this would address that issue.

In addition to its current effects, primal burst attacks inflict burning. Can only occur once per interval per target for multi hit burst skills.

Savage Instinct: Seeing how long berserk mode is now, this trait is only useful when you enter berserk mode. Incredibly useless trait due to it's' limited use scenario. Warriors enter berserk mode to deal damage and this punishes warriors from entering berserk mode unless it's used defensively. Damage reduction in berserk kind of goes against berserk design philosophy.

Scrap this entire trait and rework it. Rename to Blind Fury. Incoming control effects, blind, and weakness grant fury and reduce your berserk mode / primal burst cooldown by 1 second.

Burst of Aggression: Similar problem with Savage instinct. Activating berserk mode is far and wide in between, can be extended to beyond 30 seconds. Having this trait only activate when entering berserk mode makes this trait too limited for any real lasting benefit.

Move the quickness and superspeed to primal burst hits. Reduce duration to 2s each. Primal bursts break stun

Dead or Alive: When balancing traits, assess the requirements and see if the benefits make it worth taking. The benefit of healing a measly 5000 health (warriors normally have over 20,000 health, but require (a)the player be in berserk mode, (b) the player take a fatal strike makes this tradeoff unattractive. While great for surviving large, slow attacks - rapid attacks or conditions will quickly deplete your health after the healing effect takes place. Competes yet is outperformed by blood reaction and heat the soul.

Increase healing to 15,000  removes all damaging conditions, gain 2 seconds of resistance and protection on trigger. Remove the incoming healing increase. Increase cooldown to 90 seconds. .

Eternal Champion: Bloody roar and king of fires outright outperform this. Requires you to be controlled in order for this to take effect, even then the benefit is limited.

Rework this. Prevent berserkers from gaining stability while in berserk mode. While in berserk, your attacks are uninterruptible and any incoming stability you gain is immediately converted to quickness, fury, resolution, and resistance. Daze nearby foes when you break stuns.






Sun and Moon Style: While Loss aversion and Slow counter aren't overpowered traits, Sun And Moon Style is specific to dagger and even as a niche falls short in comparison.

Change it so 3% of outgoing damage heals you regardless of weapon wielded. Effect is doubled when wielding daggers.



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