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Balance Update Preview for August 17, 2021

Josh Davis.7865

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The blanket mesmer nerf was absolutely unnecessary. For the love of god, I've started to dread every patch note because blanket mesmer nerfs have been the most common thing in them in recent memory. 


Anet nerfs mesmer traits without tweaking anything > Players are forced to pick something else > Anet nerfs that traits too > continue loop. This has been Mesmer players for a long time now. There are few things in life I'd like more than having a face to face discussion with person(s) who is responsible for Mesmer changes.


The last good trait mesmer has in pvp is the signet one in inspiration. Watch that be next. Bookmark this for future, you will see. They will do it.

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On 8/13/2021 at 11:21 PM, Josh Davis.7865 said:


  • "Retreat!": Guardians never retreat, so this shout skill has been renamed "Advance!" The voice acting has been updated appropriately to say either "Advance!" or "Charge!" at random, for a little variety.



The only issue I have with this is that the new charr voice for this skill sounds horrible, it doesn't fit the general charr voice and the volume of the shouts are lower compared to the character's random shouting when using other skills or being attacked.

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