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Legendary armor by pve exploration [Merged]

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1 hour ago, genjonah.1253 said:

Now, this may not be what you want to do, but there are alternatives to parts of this process-


1. most (not all, but most) Gen 2 weapons can be done by completing PoF maps and stuff as opposed to HoT stuff, and PoF skill point challenges tend to be waaaaaaay easier for casual players. This does bring in the monotony of grinding funerary incenses, though this too can be done by alternate means if one is patient and/or lucky with legendary trains or piñata drops


2. you can skip skill points in map completion altogether for both HoT and PoF maps, which makes completion CONSIDERABLY easier, by using heroics notaries if you WvW. Now, I don’t know how much you’ve done WvW, I wasn’t aware of this option until I had already gotten about 1,000 ranks, and was able to complete all skill points in a matter of seconds across both expansions. Again, might not be an option for you, but something to look into if you enjoy WvW at all

Thanks for the info!

Ive actually found the jungle completion to be pretty smooth with the hp trains. 
Got into TD and did the meta a little later, and found you can easily 100% it in the time it’s open afterward.

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