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Mirage Spec improved Major Adept Trait Option: Self-Deception | Suggestion

Avion Blade.4869

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Inspired by the 20% recharge reduction for the Chaos Trait Line Option: Master of Manipulation, which reduces recharges for mirror, blink, arcane thievery, and mimic;

and factoring mirage only having 1 evade, and that more builds could be utilized;


It would be nice for Self-Deception reduce recharges of deception utility skills by 20 Percent. (WvW context)


[- False Oasis would be brought down to 20 seconds from 25

- Crystal Sands would be 20 from 25

-  Illusionary Ambush would be 28 instead of 35

- Mirage Advance would be 20 from 25

- Sand through glass would be 16 from 20 (or is it 20 from 25?)

- Jaunt would be 24 from 30]

        = If and only if, Self-Deception was selected.

This is a trade off from defensive trait option: renewing Oasis which helps against condi, and offensive: Riddle of Sand, which contributes confusion per ambush attack with shatter resets


Mirage needs to have a bit more options against being caught in multiple stuns and knock-downs due to:

- fragility of class to begin with

- only one evade available and built-in stun removal, removed

- its chaotic interruption as a built-in immobilization when interrupting enemies, was removed


Therefore, because it's ability to immobilize other's has been diminished, and its ability to help itself from being immobilized is diminished, then I humbly promote an improvement to it's ability to avoid being immobilized, by having a little more mobility.



- Improves mobility, and provides consistency with some traits reducing weapon recharges, and other traits reducing utility recharges.

- opens doors for more creative mirage builds.


Balance forecast:

- countering this is simply done by killing the clones asap

- look for mirage that moves too much like a player, or look for icon buffs (which is another topic discussion I will post).

- When a mirage has self-deception, they are weaker to condi, and do not produce regeneration when evading (this is the current event now)



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