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Which new color for the new spec?


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   Forget about the weapon/s, the name or even the legend, or the elusive lore behind it...   Which new colour should decorate our resource bar and wrists? We already have blue (Jalis), green (Shiro), purple (Mallyx), yellowish (Ventari), azure/teal (Glint) and orange (Kalla), which should be the next? My vote would be either red or grey... 

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For me, the colours shown on my screen are -

Jalis - Mid-blue (a kind of "afternoon" blue)

Shiro - Green (rich emerald)

Mallyx - Rich purple

Ventari - Yellow with orange highlights with a few extra leaves

Glint - Turquoise with subtle yellow highlights

Kalla - Red (rich scarlet, with perhaps some "smoky" flickers to the end of the scarlet flames)


Whichever colour one picks for a new legend it needs to be able to be distinguished from the others.


As Mallyx uses a dark purple, I think a pinkish magenta could work...purples tend to stand out to the eye, being infrequent in nature.

Blue is already well covered with 2 legends using different shades of it, so one can't really use another blue

Green can be problematic in art, with it easily dominating if one isn't careful, so I think that another shade of green could be difficult to distinguish from Shiro's emerald green.

A lighter orange would be possible....but if too light would be confused with Ventari or, if too dark, with Kalla....I think it would be tricky in practice.

White could work, as could black

Brown could also work as long as it doesn't move towards yellow or red

And finally one could use multiple colours (as Ventari and Glint in fact do)...but that still leaves open the question of which colours to pick...



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4 hours ago, Elric.4713 said:

Ah, discussing the stuff that really matters. If it ends up being Togo or a nod to the Ritualist in general I'd say turquoise, but if not then white or grey.

   Indeed, is one of the few which doesn't involve saying "omg this stuff is broken op!" or "another bug ANet please fix it". By the way, I think that Glint's shade of greenish blue (teal) ditches the option of turquoise, because is pretty much the same.

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