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[NA] High rank PvP veteran looking for good WvW fight guild


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Hi I'm Noziro. I played WvW for a couple years when the game came out but mostly PvP since 2014. I have very strong mechanics and can easily maintain a plat 2 rating soloq only. I'm looking for a WvW fight guild that's competitive but knows how to have fun. I mostly play warrior in WvW but can perform on any build. I'm a mature player who's very PMA and doesn't get mad at all.


If a good, competitive and friendly guild is looking for a player like me let me know :). I'm also open to GvGing.

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Hey Noz!


I'm apart of a guild who has primarily WvW since launch (though I only joined them a few years back). We'd love to have a Warrior player who likes putting out them dank bubbles hahah. We have been looking for more support players as a lot of newcomers are hesitant to play support classes but being adaptable, like you mentioned you are, is always fantastic. 


The guild has WvW raids Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at 7PM PST (I'm CST myself so it still isn't that late) and have off play WvW the rest of the week (just depends on who is on etc). There are PvE raids as well but there is more information about all of that on the discord.  


If you're still interested, we'd love to have you! We are on Darkhaven server (which is transferrable thankfully, we were full for ages) so that is the only obstacle stopping you from having a ton of fun with us! :) Hope to see you soon :)





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