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Beta test phase questions ...?

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  1. Is this the correct forum for asking questions about the beta testing?
  2. Any loot, pips (WvW + sPvP), currencies (i.e. LWS2-3-4-5 map currencies) gained by our account while using these EoD specs ... do we get to keep?
    1. Example 1: I currently have Mithril 3 WVW chest for the week. If I make a beta character(s) and roam in WvW to test 1/2/3 of these classes, do I continue to earn pips and WvW skirmish tickets towards my Diamond 6 chest?
    2. Example 2: I do Pinata, Gerent and Octovine daily in order to get unID loot, ectos, Amalgamated Gemstones and a chance at an infusion. If I make a beta character and run all 3, will I be able to transfer out the loot to my bank + deposit all after the run?
  3. I have full legendary armour, runes & trinkets, plus many legendary weapons on my account, thanks to the Legendary Armoury. Will I be able to gear up my beta characters with this gear? I imagine I might need to add an ascended weapon or 2 and some exotic sigils if I do this. Will I be able to move those off the characters before the end of the betas, or will those items be locked to those characters?


Anyone else have questions?

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Have you ever played an MMO with test servers that used a copy of your account? This is basically the same thing, but you're able to play with everyone else. The beta characters are running on a copy of your account and from the time it's copied (which will be shortly before the beta starts) they're entirely separate from your other characters.


Any changes your beta characters make to your account will only affect them, it won't show up on any of your other characters. That includes items in the bank and material storage, gold and other currencies in the wallet, skins in the wardrobe and everything else. As far as all your other characters and your account progress is concerned the beta characters do not exist.


So no, any progress you make in WvW won't carry over and there is no way to pass items between a beta character and others on your account. If something is in the bank or the legendary armoury when your account is copied they'll have it, if it's added later they won't and anything they get is stuck with them - you cannot pass it to another character.

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Correct. When you log in game will made copy of your account. You can spend anything, take things from your bank and when you log back on your normal character you will see nothing did change, everything will still be in your bank, you will have your gold...

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9 minutes ago, Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

What's so special about the Maiden's Whisper tavern? 

I mean, why did they include that place, out of all places in Tyria? 

Apparently it's a popular location for role-players to meet, so I think they just included it as a vague (or in-universe) way of including role-play on the list of things you can do during the beta.



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