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[WvW] Dragonhunter vs Firebrand - melee only who do you go with


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TL;DR: builds focusing only on 'melee' [Sword - Mace - Axe - Focus - Shield - Greatsword - Hammer], which build to you think is most effective in solo or roam/small group, scares you the most, you have trouble fighting against, you play best with, you find you have an easier time surviving with, and you would choose between the two to be the better suited for melee build. 


I love guardian, cant play any other prof with the knowledge and 'tricks'/ combos that I know of Guard. With DH having settled for some time now in its place with both PvE, PvP, and WvW and FB notoriously bouncing on the scale from being 'balanced' to 'OP' to 'pls buff' etc. I want to know from all sorts ranging from beginners, to veterans, 'pros',  and streamers - alike what they think is the best suited elite spec for a full 'melee' build of guardian. 


To those of you that reply I appreciate you. I am currently boarding a 9 hour flight which will lead to a 6 hour longer commute to my final destination so I wont be able to reply for some time. If you feel the urge to challenge my views and broaden my horizon on what I should be running in WvW solo/small grp roam as a guard for full melee please feel free to share and post or pm/dm(?) me. 

Hope everyone enjoys the beta weekend and finds copious amounts of fun playing the Willbender!!!  


*I very much dislike DH longbow so if you have to contradict me on that, please feel free to promote your point and educate me further. 

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For small groups and solo roaming I always go DH. 
a big part of that is because I really dislike FB tomes. 

There’s a few builds I run as DH. For pure melee I use either Valluns Unicorn Hunter or I use the classic radiant great sword build from meta battle, but I swap out radiance with dragon hunter 3/2/3. I run both with GS and Sw/Sh. 

If I do want to go FB I will use Valluns Paladin build which I enjoy but don’t feel like I have the 1vX capabilities that I do on DH. 

I love longbow on DH and for WvW it’s so helpful having a long range weapon. 80% of the time I am running Longbow and GS with full celestial and fireworks runes and this build:

radiance 3/3/3

virtues 3/2/3

Dragonhunter 1/1/3 

trap heal/purging flames/save yourselves/procession of blades/renewed focus

(check out hogwarts zebra’s updated meditrapper roamed guide on YouTube, it’s a similar build and similar play style)

Ive found it to be the best across all scenerios. It’s pretty tanky, does good single target damage from range and in melee, does huge multiple target damage, is pretty mobile and provides some decent support for your group. 
You should try long bow a little more and learn to love it. I didn’t like it much at first but true shot hits so hard and the recent changes to LB5 make it much easier to land. If you manage to trap someone in the baby gates, you can drop purging flames and procession of blades on them and spin to win on great sword and it’s GG. I’ve insta won a couple of 1v2 and even a 1v3 with that before and it’s awesome. Hogwarts Zebra has some good tips in his video about how to land a similar burst and how to play with the LB5 and consecrations. His build is also great and quite a bit tankier than my build but it doesn’t do as much damage due to taking valour over radiance. 

that’s my 2 cents anyhow. Basically DH all the way until WB drops for me. 

edit: i gave WB a try…. Unless it gets a pretty large overhaul it’s still gonna be DH & Core all the way for me. 

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