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Alacrigade power or condi?


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So I'm planning to start collecting eq for both raids and fractals. But I'm lazy so I wanted to get one eq set to start. So I thought alacrity should be good because it's in demand everywhere. But I found there are 2 varieties.

Power variant  and condi variant. So I would like to know which one will work for both raids and fractals. And maybe also in a strikes.

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Power is a little easier, but condi tends to do more damage especially to multiple enemies


However, another thing to take into account is your personal aesthetics. I do power much more often than is most effective because I love using my Shining Blade/Bolt combo. Both are completely viable even in meta if you know what you’re doing, so do you like slicing people or bashing them with a mace?

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6 hours ago, Miellyn.6847 said:

Solo Condi Alacrigade doesn't exist outside of fractals. You can play with two condi renegades with RR, or power for solo alacrity.

That's not true; you can use Celestial Condi Alacrigade in Raids as well (or strikes or even open world).  It deals a respectable 30k and provides perma 10 man alacrity


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