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Which Home instance to use with Glyphs of Reaping?

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I have a full home instance. I have a character with 3 glyphs of reaping parked in Divinities Reach and usually harvest that instance. I was wondering if this is the best home instance to use for these glyphs?  I am looking for max efficiency, i.e finding the sweet spot every time where I harvest the most nodes at once. I tried the Grove which seems to have the nodes all pretty near to each other but the Black lion gardens are very much out of the way, making it worse then DR.  I have been trying the other instances but I am sure there is a person who has gotten this already down to a science. 🙂

 Hoping for tips, also which nodes to pick to get the most out of the 900 range. Thanks!

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I use Asura home, I find they are the best grouped IMO. It's easy to path through because I can switch to industry after using the last group with reaping. The Norn are to spread out, so are humans. Chars are not as bad, but the distance between nodes makes a path awkward. I hate the Sylvari instance so I haven't bothered with it much. TBH I doubt there is much difference in any of the instances, so its probably more a preference than a significant time difference unless you add up time over years.

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