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Imagine the Spear, Harpoon, and Trident on land!

The Boz.2038

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I think ANet might be making a huge mistake in not giving some e-specs underwater weapons on land in this expansion. It would invigorate entire segments of pretty dormant and forgotten weapons, skins, achievements, legendaries, etc. It would also allow more flexibility about weapon role design for classes that are already near-maxed out and saturated with weapons (Guardian, Warrior, for best example).

I thought up some neat skillsets for these for some of the new e-specs weeks ago. One of them was Necromancer (Demonwarden, with a trident, based around), but that ship has sailed with the Harbinger reveal, so...


Ranger - Spear

I thought of the ranger's spear as a hybrid, switch-stance weapon that can go from 900 range to 150 and back. The skills will be presented with the letter R or M, denoting Ranged or Melee, as they switch depending on the use of skill 5. By default, the weapon is set to Ranged.

1R - Harrier's Spear: 900 range single target attack that inflicts 6s Vulnerability. Two stacks if it hits on a flank.

1M - Spear Thrust: 150 range melee attack, 3 targets, inflicts 4s Bleed. Two stacks if it hits on a flank.

2R - Hunter's Spear: 6s CD, 900 range single target attack. Inflicts 6s Cripple, and inflicts 3s Immobilize it hits a target with 5 or more Vulnerability. 

2M - Spear Cyclone: 6s CD, 180 range melee attack. Spin with your spear across your back for 1 second, striking up to 5 targets four times. -10% damage for the next spin per struck target beyond the first. Can move.

3R - Sun's Spear: 10s CD, 900 range attack, hits 3 targets. Throw a spear high into the air, taking a full second for it to land in a 120 radius AoE, inflicts 3s Burning. 100% cooldown reduction if it hits a single enemy. Blast finisher.

3M - Spear Phalanx: 10s CD melee attack, you and two ghostly spearmen attack targets in front of you, 3 attacks and 3 targets. 20% cooldown reduction and 1s protection per target hit beyond the first.

4X - Bracing Snake: 16s CD, the only non-flip skill. Block for 2s and reflect projectiles. If a melee attack was blocked, strike attacker, inflicting 6s Poison. 

5R - Rhino's Spear: 900 range dash, gain 8s Fury, flip over all weapon skills to Melee. Spear Backflip is set on a 10s CD. Leap finisher.

5M - Spear Backflip: 150 range strike, evade backwards 600, gain 8s Vigor, flip over all weapon skills to Ranged. Rhino's Spear is set on a 10s CD. Leap finisher.

The primary design motivation bethind this weapon was that of a hunter, stalking a herd of prey animals, harrying them from afar, singling out a choice target, and going in for the kill. The Ranged stance offers below average damage by itself, but sets up bursts through Vulnerability, Cripple, Immobilize, and Fury. 
The engage/disenage itself has a 10s CD, so once you go into melee, you are stuck for 10s unless you use a different weapon or utility, and the cooldown matches that of default weapon switch.
The design of Spear Phalanx punishes grouping up, and the hefty damage through instant recharge (if there are three targets and 3 hits, the skill instantly recharges if it hits the additional targets 5 times, out of 6 possible) will make enemies scatter, allowing for a most devastating Spear Cyclone (think of it as a player-side green AoE - get in it to share the damage, or abandon one friend to an enemy Cyclone, in which case they will take massive damage).


Engineer - Harpoon

I really liked how half the engie's harpoon worked underwater, and thought of how that sort of weapon can be adapted to land use. 

1 - Shoot Or Shank: 900 range single target attack. Inflicts 4s Bleeding. If it hits a target within the range threshold (150), gain 1s Quickness.

2 - Razorwire Line: 8s CD, 600 range 120 width line AoE. For 4 seconds (5 pulses), foes in the AoE take damage, 2s Bleeding, 2s Cripple each pulse.

3 - Grappling Hook: 12s CD, 900 range single target attack. Moderate damage, 3 stacks of 6s Bleeding and 1/2s Stun. Pull yourself to your target, gaining 6s Fury and 6s Vigor. Leap finisher.

4 - Mine Line Egress: 18s CD, evade backward 600, leaving behind three mines. Each mine detonates in a 120 radius blast, inflicting 2 stacks of 3s Bleeding and 3s Cripple. Leap finisher.

5 - Power Reel: 30s CD, 900 range single target attack. If it hits, the target is Pulled toward the Engineer three times across the next 1 second. 

I wanted to create a weapon skillset that can be approached as either a dive tool or a single-out tool, depending on the circumstances and the rest of the Engie's loadout. The idea of 1's Quickness is that you don't shoot the weapon, just stab the enemy, allowing you to skip reloads. The wombo combo of 3>1>4>2>5 seems hella fun to inflict upon someone. This is the simplest of the three sets I made, as the Engie already has kits and toolbelt skills to contend with.


Warrior - Trident

The idea of the pseudo-magical trident warrior moveset is the anti-thesis of the warrior's connection to Balthazar and the element of Fire. Instead, water is employed as the theme and source of power.

1A - Sharp Stab: 130 range strike, 3 targets. Inflicts 3s Bleeding.
1B - Rusty Stab: 130 range strike, 3 targets. Inflicts 3s Poison.
1C - Cursed Stab: 130 range strike, 3 targets. Inflicts 3s Torment.

2 - Powerful Swell: 8s CD, point blank 180 radius AoE. Strike up to 3 targets around you 3 times over 1s, inflicting 2 stacks of 6s Vulnerability. For each hit, gain 3 stacks of Might for 6s, and 3 Adrenaline. Leaves a 4s Water field.

3 - Advancing Tide: 12s CD, 600 range dash, 120 radius AoE. Strike up to 3 targets, inflicting 8s Chill. Gain 8s Swiftness if it hits no enemy. Gain 8s Vigor if it hits an enemy.

4 - Maelstrom's Eye: 18s CD, 240 range point blank AoE channel (up to 2.5s). While channeling, strike up to 5 targets every 0.5 seconds. Each target takes 3% more damage per condition on them. With each strike, conditions already on target (Bleeding, Poison, Torment, Vulnerability, Chill, Weakness, Cripple, Confusion, Slow, Immobilize only) are extended by 0.75s. Each strike is a Whirl finisher. Destroys projectiles. Rooted while channeling.

5A - Swelling Wave: 26s CD. Jump straight into the air, evading all attacks for 1.5s. Flips to Crashing Wave.
5B - Crashing Wave: 900 range Leap, 3 target strike and Launch.

AB - Skewering Surge: 450 dash. Inflict heavy damage and 1.5/2/2.5s Float against the target, Immobilizing it and up to 2 other foes within 120 units for 4s. Other targets take ~half damage.

The desired gameplay "feel" here was that of a crashing tsunami, an undeterrable advancing foe that meticulously sets up a devastating kill zone. It has two mobility skills, and both can be used to either engage or disengage. With a water field and two finishers, Vigor and projectile destruction, it can serve as a strong bruiser toolkit.

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