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How you upgrade masteries?


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Hi guys, just paid for the expansions :)

i am starting the quest line of the first expansion. Don't have mounts are any mastery but to keep going to the green asterisk ✳️ ( the quest line) told me I need to upgrade my glide mastery i have the bar on yellow so I think I already put some thing on it.  But how do I level the masteries? So I can keep going with the quest line?


do i just quest and do event in the map of that expansion?

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You level up masteries by gaining XP, but it needs to be in the right part of the game: Heart of Thorns masteries can only be levelled up in HoT maps, Path of Fire ones in PoF maps and so on.


Once you've filled the XP bar you need to spend Mastery Points to unlock it. These comes from doing the story and from various achievements, so if you've been doing the HoT story you should have 1 point ready to put into gliding when you get enough XP.


You can see which achievements will give mastery points by looking for the ones marked with a coloured star icon.

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To expand on Danikat's explanation:


You go to the Masteries panel (bottom left tab on the hero panel, or click the icon at the right end of your xp bar to go straight there).  Click on the region you want -- in your case, Heart of Thorns -- then on the category you want, in this case Gliding.  You will see a list of the tiers of that category.  Click on the one you want to train.  You have to start at the first one and work on up, so you will click on Glider Basics.  At that point your xp bar while in HoT maps will reflect the xp going towards that particular part of that particular mastery.  When the xp bar is full, you go back to the mastery panel and click on the right side to unlock the mastery, assuming you have accumulated enough mastery points to buy it.


So it's two parts needed:  mastery points (from achieves and communes) and xp (from doing pretty much anything in the relevant maps, plus there are some rewards that give you a mastery xp boost).  Train a mastery with xp, buy it with points you've gathered during the training.

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Oh So is like diablo 3 paragon that after max level you still level up. But depending the map you are is the mastery panel you level up, and how do i know what map i am and what mastery I am experience contributing?

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Central Tyria Masteries - Core game maps.  (Red Mastery Points)

Heart of Thorns Masteries - Heart of Thorns and Season 3 maps. (Green)

Path of Fire Masteries - Path of Fire and Season 4 maps.  (Purple)

The Icebrood Saga Masteries - The Icebrood Saga maps.  (Blue)


Mastery Points on maps are color-coded, as they are in the User Interface (Hero Panel, etc.)


You can tell what map you are on my pressing 'M' for map.

You can tell what Mastery XP bar you are filling by clicking the Mastery XP bar or the icon at the end.


Good luck. 





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