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ECSU Holo heat level stuck while mounted

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I play an ECSU (enhanced capacity storage unit) sword holo.

When you mount up at 99% heat level (or any level), no matter how long you are mounted the heat level remains where you left off after dismounting.  So, as soon as I dismount, and go into holo forge you overheat.  Isn't the heat level supposed to fall off eventually as if you weren't mounted.  Is this intended?  Cause if it is, what's the point to mount up at all then. 

If this is what they intended, I feel like this is a huge nerf to holo in open world (played holo for years).  I'm going to go reaper or some other class for open world if this is what they intended. I dont mind that mounting doesn't reset holoforge anymore. I'm just annoyed that the heat level stays the same the entire time you are mounted. It should fall off eventually, as if you never mounted.  This isn't a QoL for holo. I now have to wait for heat to fall off before mounting now which is opposite of a QoL improvement.

To play holo effeciently in open world, its better to not mount now unless u reach a specific heat or wait on it to reset to 0 before mounting. Or, play some other class.

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