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Season 3 - Crack in the Ice - thaw elixir

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So… playing through the episode, made the thaw elixir, then logged off for the evening. The elixir expired - I know that happens now, would have been good for it to be red flagged at the time, but hey. So I gathered ingredients again, bought a firestone from the shaman, and went back to the hot spring to re-make the elixir. 
All I get is “I’m not ready. I’ll do this later.” Which sounds like I don’t have sufficient ingredients, but I definitely do.

Forum posts from 2016 seem to suggest I’d have to reset the episode entirely and play it through again - is that the really the case, and the intention of the game? If this is a bug I can’t think why it’s still present 5 years later.

Any help appreciated.

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On 8/17/2021 at 11:28 PM, adorablechaosmonkey.2613 said:

Sorted now. Thanks.

Did you reset the episode?


I think that the elixir can only be made once per day, a bit like the chests within the Bitter Cold can only be looted once per day -- and the message you saw really means "try tomorrow and this will work."

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