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Torment Rework

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I liked Torment in PvP prior to the mechanic change that increased its damage on standing still vs, in the past, doing extra damage from moving. Who is electing to stand still in PvP? It is rare that a character isn't moving or doesn't want to be moving, even in a confined area (like a capture point).


I liked that Torment, in the past, had some option for counterplay by just standing still and tanking up. Now, after the changes, it doesn't have much identity or use over something like a bleed or burn.


I had the thought that, on application of torment, a zone would be created that you would have to move out of to avoid an increase in damage. It would invite an option for counterplay and make the condition a little more interesting. Just a thought.


My Mesmer in PvP and WvW was all in on torment at one point, so of course I'm invested...

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