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Willbender - bugs, underwhelming design and no damage


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Willbender is extremely underwhelming - personally I noticed 4 issues/design flaws


New Virtues don‘t synergize or have bugs with core traits - Justice for example doesn‘t grant Light Aura when spec‘ed into Radiance, just the blind. There are a few more such cases. Justice has also an insane delay at the end

New Virtues didn‘t lose their passives - they lost their actives and activating them now simply offers a their passive effect. They feel like they do nothing after activating them in a PvP environment, because 5 hits for one proc is an insanely hard requirement to meet


Vangard Tactics should swap Resolution and Resistance, meaning it should grant Resistance on Courage activation and Resolution on shadowsteps, so that Willbenders can run Radiance with Valk and not run around as 11k HP oneshots


The damage Willbenders offer is extremely weak, I expected a strong Power Spec and not for sword 4 and 5 to do less than the old sword 3. The tooltips in PvP are completely messed up and it seems the spec is overnerfed numberwise before it got even released

Pretty sure it wont get fixed, but I thought I give some feedback in good hopes

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yeah the core is really weak but they can do some tweaks. I'd like to have them buff the willbender skilltree before buffing the class. I think the idea of sacrifices is interesting. After buffing the skilltree then visit the class and fix whats left. 

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