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Compilation of Questions and Answer for Alliance & updates


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In order to get the most out of the coming information sessions for Alliance and update/Beta.. I thought it maybe useful for players to gather a list of questions and answer/concerns and convey this to the hardworking Dev Team. Not sure if this will work or be useful but we can give it a go. Please keep your Question and Answer shortest possible and clear in 2 paragraphs or max of 500 words. Also provide reason to your answer or your concerns to the question you raised. Please do not answer another player's questions so we can keep this clean for Dev to read in their bedtime. 

Please use below template and create new post for each new questions/answer . Hope this will help. Thanks  🙂


Question to Dev:

[Fill in your question]


Answer players hope to hear or concerns:

[fill in the answer you wish to hear]



Question to Dev:

Are we going to introduce fishing in new world?


Answer players hope to hear or Concerns:

I hope not particularly in a battle orientated server this is because as it will likely create frustration to players especially if they are trying to get into the server yet a chunk of players locking up the server only to fish -- The Fishing Alliance /Guilds

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Question to Dev:

Currently, the Value of Skirmish Tickets is linked to Memories of Battle. The higher the Value of Mobs the lower the Value of Tickets. 


Can we get a Vendor that only uses Tickets to delink them from Mobs? 


Answer players hope to hear or concerns:

We gonna rework the Skirmish Vendor or add a new Vendor that offers rewards for players with 10s of thousands of tickets. 

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