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New field ring effects

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I think it's a great idea to help new players learn how to use combo fields and like the direction this is going. However the implementation has a few issues for myself at least.


  1. Colour choices - Most of the fields look fine however the lightning field seems harder to see than before. Especially next to other fields. Maybe speed up the swirl animation? It almost flashed before. Also the water field colour, I get that chill field is blue and you needed something different for water but the greeny blue colour you have gone with doesn't feel right and I do not ascociate it with water fields. Makes me think of a necro skill. I feel the chill field colour matches a water field more and chill should be made into another shade of blue perhaps lighter and more icy looking.
  2. It gets pretty messy looking with a lot of players. Perhaps an option like auras where you see your own with the new effect and others with the older less pronounced one? Would make seeing your fields in a zerg much easier especially in wvw.
  3. It can ruin the look of a lot of skills. E.g Thunderclap on scrapper looks a bit weird now with the field swirling around it on top of its own animation.
  4. I feel a lot of the flavour of skills has been lost. Since it's just a ring now and no effect on the floor just empty space. E.g look at scrapper and use gyros.
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I just did the t2 rec for today, Twilight Oasis. We had 2 cdps fbs and me, hfb (guardian is balanced yeah?). From the fire fields, the AoE yellow circles are not easy to distinguish. Definitely a downgrade from before (the fire fields look fine, but only their size helps distinguish them from enemy AoE circles during the usual AoE circle vomit abilities...).


Not a fan of the change. Makes me wonder if there was any testing done with it...

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