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EoD First Impressions


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The strongest of the three elites. You've got insane build diversity. You can make an unkillable tank with Blood/Soul reaping or Death Magic/Soul Reaping. Your healing when out of shroud + Unholy Sanctuary when you're inside shroud + Eternal Life to ensure you always have shroud = Actual perma sustain. And I'm not talking "perma" sustain. You are have actual 100% healing uptime. 

Naturally, you still deal insane damage in spite of you tanky you are.


You can also build to give your team high uptime of quickness and other boons (cough AoE plasma), build condi, or build power. Go nuts. 




Kit wise, it seems solid. The mobility is godlike. Swiftness fixes guard's movement issue of needing to run either a movement rune or retreat. The numbers hold it back. The damage just isn't there unless you go 11k hp glass. Harbinger literally stat checks it to death. 




It has two dodges. 



Memes aside. I like that my class mechanic is no longer canon fodder. There's less visual noise to deal with for the opponent as well. The shatters are well telegraphed. It has a clear weakness to being focused. 


In terms of clone gen, condi generates magnitudes more clones than power. You can stack bleeding very quickly with dagger and pistol. If you're cleaving multiple targets, your f1 and f2 end up refreshing 4+ daggers and your dagger 2 takes care of the rest. Phantasmal duelist is 4 daggers on its own. 3 from the bullets and 1 from the phantasm becoming a dagger. Your autos will give you the 5th. Dagger 2 and 3 also generate a ton of clones. 


The build I ended up using was Illusions/Dueling. Dueling for bleed synergy, and the classic Bliding Disssipation + Ineptitude combo. 

Illusions to power up my shatters. Shatter storm is actually worth taking even on condi due to how quickly you can refresh your daggers. 


Unless it gets nerfed, this is going to be the teamfight dps that needs to get focused first or it melts your team 1 by 1. The more targets it can cleave, the stronger its single target burst becomes. Reminds me of playing a shadow priest in WoW, but with more blinks. 

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