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[BUG] Caudecus Manor path 2 bomb carrying event

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So last night we managed crash at least 3 times on Caudecus Manor path 2 on part where you need to carry 5 bombs to the gate to blow it up. First time whole group crashed when thief threw invisible on us. We thought it was just some random event so we tried 2nd time and same thing. So went in 3rd time and tried doing it without invis. This time some of us were able to carry bomb into rings, but still couple of crashed. They joined back in into instance and we continued only to notice that some others crashed, me included. And we started notice pattern that whenever you were carrying bomb and you applied boon -> game crash. For example for me it was I started carrying bomb with Dragonhunter and used F3 for aegis and that just straight resulted crash. 


Well we managed to do after noticing that boons are bad so we lured bandits out, ran in with bombs and I threw Sanctuary to hold bandits of so long that gate exploded. I'm sure there is also few ingame crash reports in the system too.

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