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I'm in WvW, at Sanctum of Rall Citadel in our borderlands...and I see Wintersday decorations up.


I'm the toon on the left; the toon on the right with the bunny ears is my husband who's playing as well - he's sitting about six feet away from me, same internet connection etc, but he's not seeing anything out of the ordinary.

I feel like I saw Tixx sneaking down the chimney or something...


Edit: I went to desert BL for a minute and came back, and the decorations were all gone.

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Added a bit more info.
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I got the decorations to come back by running out to Titanpaw camp and coming back in - and when my husband did the same thing, he saw them too.  It looks like going through the gate from Titanpaw into the Citadel is the key.

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