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Harbinger only need to rework elixirs for gameplay.


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Harbinger is really well done.

You can play it as full condi and allow necromancer to finnally join the highnest dps whithout being totally overpower because of the sustain making a glasscannon.

It's also add a offsupport role that necromancer really needed, you can perma quickness and still do ton of dmg, basicly like a quickfirebrand.
Shroud is kinda nice, they squishes all the dmg into one skill (maybe not your gameplay cup of tea) which allow him to have ton of movement skill/utilities and big cc for freebies.


Blight tradeoff is kinda well done since you are still less squishy then a weaver dps while doing more dmg for some reason, (currently at 44K/s probably will change later)

Traits are nices.

But exilirs are blands, they change nothing to gameplay, it's not the biggest problem of the game but it's will be kinda nice for them to add more flavor to the class.

Maybe a new mechanics synergy or something.


Basicly finnaly fullfil the two need of what players ask since years, an high dps class that remove the sustain as a tradeoff and also can be played as a off quickness.

Will be really usful in both open world (like everything honestly) as well as raids/fractals mid-high end players.

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