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Scourges in PvP


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I'm not here to complain about any specific class, merely looking for some advice on how to approach a fight with a scourge in structured pvp. I play the regular grenade holosmith build (and if I really have to I will play the protection variant).


Currently the only strategy I have that works (sometimes) is to land a CC on them and in the time that they are stunned I will spam "+1 PLZ" in chat and hope someone comes to save me before I die.


If anyone knows how to fight these things please could you provide some advise as currently if one runs towards me at the point I might as well log off.

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It's not sPvP, but for WvW I can tell you how I approach them:

Very slowly.


Killing a necro is a slog. Grind them down at range and watch for specific tells depending on their build. I would pretty much separate them into super bunker core (basicly immortal, please send help), power reaper (avoid the shroud stunburst and you'll be fine), hybrid/condi scourge (most rely on heavy condi transfer bombs when they reach around 75% hp, keep distance).

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In PvP it is really a pain to fight against a bunker scourge but here is what i recommend: Put away your grenades and replace it by spectrum shield for 2 reasons:

1. Big Sustain even as glass cannon, the active part gives (sadly only) 33% dmg reduction and the tool belt gives you light aura for additional condi reduction and

2. the active skill is also a stunbreak (for those endless fear skills from necro)


Use real dps build (like eagles rune and marauders amulet) in order to really hit like a truck and apply pressure so the necros burning their cooldowns. Observer their dodge rolls to land a cc, bait their stunbreaks and use all cc (i refer to shield 4/5, holo 5 and super duper laser elite skill), at this time at least u should get rid of the barriers and the scourge should lie on the ground and then all in with holo autoattacks, holo 3, holo 4, sword 3, sword 2 and the scourge should be very low or even dead xD

Thats a typical scenario when iam on a node fighting against a scourge.

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