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[NA] Strike Mission statics

Any Strike Mission statics out there looking for people?


  • Pax.8692Pax.8692 Member ✭✭

    If not, I want to start one.

    This will be for Strike Missions and Raiding. The raiding will be TBD on when to start but I want to be fully prepared for what comes with the expansion for end game.

    I'm looking to get a solid group of committed people. Experience in Strike's and Raids doesn't matter. I want to do at least 3 daily Strike Missions per week and of course the weekly each week.

    The times will fall on Monday through Friday between 5 pm PST to 10 pm PST. They won't last the entire time. That's just my window I can play for sure every week.

    Need to be experienced with your profession but not strike missions or raids . Personality and work ethic are also needed. I'm looking for people who are punctual, committed, and willing to accept advice and also offer advice on how each other can improve just so we can continually progress.

    As soon as I get at least one other person on the same page and wants to be apart of this we will start.

    The people who are interested and commit we will PUG the rest of the members needed to complete the instances or at the very least attempt them.

    I want to start next week when I'll have more time wrapping up catching my Necro back up.

    Either post here or get a hold of me in game.

    Requirements (to reiterate):
    -Experienced with your profession but not necessarily strikes or raids
    -Open to constructive advice/Willing to offer advice where you feel will help
    -Need to be committed