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Coming back after hiatus - Thank you Cantha

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Hey, just felt about providing some feedback and also was wondering if other people felt the same about the xpac 3 announcement.

So I took a break late last year because there was just not enough going on for me in this game.
As an ex-whale, I was almost ready to give out all my stuff to guildies soon, but then Expansion Pack 3 announcement happens. Not only that, but it's in my favorite part of GW1.
So I went back, actually really liking the new content. And during a meta people starting talking about xp 3. Looks like I'm not alone to be coming back because Cantha is becoming a thing.

Just wanted to let you know Anet. GW1 was and is still an amazing game for a lot of us, and Factions/Cantha maps have the potential to be amazing in GW2. Kaineng city in a game with great vertical gameplay could be magnificent!

Thank you <3