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< Guild Wars 1 > login will crash

I found a problem.
This game crash only occurs when the language selection is Traditional Chinese.
'Interface size' cannot select 'Larger'.
If you choose 'Larger', the login game will crash.

The language option is set to Traditional Chinese.
Select 'Larger' for 'Interface size'.
There are other problems in this case.
Open some interfaces and the game will crash.
For example, pressing 'G' or 'K' will cause problems.
It can also crash when interacting with NPC.

Set the game language to English or 'Interface Size' to 'Normal'.
In this way, the game will be OK and there will be no crash.

I think it's a bug caused by game updates.

Update -- December 13, 2019
Performed server maintenance.
Fixed a server crash.
Guild Wars Wiki notes
This update causes observer mode to crash the Guild Wars client.
This update switched the compiler that Guild Wars uses to VS2017.

You see.
This should be the source.
VS2017 and crash.

I hope that someone will notice this problem and fix it.